July 02, 2005

The Seven Councils: 1st Constantinople, 381

There was still controversy after the Council at Nicea. Arianism had been defeated, but Semi-Arians (including Apollinarians and Macedonians) were still quite active. There was enough ambiguity in the Nicene Creed, they thought, to allow them to disagree with the Christology established at Nicea. The reign of Julian the Apostate allowed these groups to flourish, since the Church was unable to organize a Council to deal with their aberrant beliefs. The actions of Constantius also had a great deal to do with this flourishing of heterodoxy; his own opinions changed, and he allowed greater freedom for followers of a modified form of Arianism prior to his death.


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Comment Policy

I have just done something that I have never done, and never wanted to do.

I deleted three comments from this blog.

I didn't delete them because they disagreed with me. The comments were rather inane, and the arguements were easy to deal with. The problem was that the email addresses that were used were invalid.

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Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


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If you cannot be bothered to leave a valid email address, especially attached to a post that I have said I will only be responding to via email, you have nothing substantive to add to the conversation.

Thus, I have a new rule. If you leave an invalid email address, your comment will be deleted. I look at this as if you are lying to me, and I do not deal well with lying.

BTW -- if anyone wants to read the comments, let me know. I get all comments emailed to me, so I have them all in my gmail account. IF the offending posters want their comments back up, and can give me a valid email address, I will replace them.

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Newest Phishing Scam

Someone is emailing people telling them they have won a Power Sellers account on Ebay.

Unfortunately, you can't WIN a Power Seller's account, you have to earn it. When you DO earn it, you automatically get the logo, etc.

Also unfortunately, they've sent the email to an address that I don't have registered with Ebay, and isn't attached to my Ebay account.

So be warned -- someone's trying to steal your Ebay information. Probably to buy one of those laptops that people are selling as scams. Wouldn't that be ironic? A scammer gets bitten by a scammer? Sounds like P-P-P-Powerbook to me!

{Incidentally, if you've never heard about the P-p-p-Powerbook thing, you HAVE to read it. There is some strong language (at least in the older copy I read), but it is without a doubt the funniest thing I"ve ever heard about. Click the link and read it.}

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July 01, 2005

Christian Carnival

OK, I'm terrible. The Carnival has been up since the 29th, over at ChristWeb. Did I put a link up? No. And I'm in it this time, too!

Seriously, it's a great carnival. Head over there and read it, and add a few of these great blogs to your daily read list.

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This Week in Church History

June 27, 363

Though there is some arguement over the exact date (some sources say June 26), there is no mistaking the importance of this date.

The day that Julian the Apostate died in battle. more...

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Podcasting Madness

I'm jumping in. I figure, why not? I've already jumped into the whole blogging thing, so one more internet trend to follow will be a piece of cake.

Right now, I've got one poscast that I'm doing for my church: Sunday at First Baptist from Greenup First Baptist church. The feed address is http://feeds.feedburner.com/SundayAtFirstBaptistGreenup, so go aheade and plug that into iPodder. OR you can go over to iTunes and subscribe there -- just search for the podcast name.

Later on this week (or possibly next week) I will be debuting my own personal podcast, tentatively named View from the Podcast. I say tentatively because it's a really lame name, and I'm looking for a better one. If you have an idea, email me and let me know. What I'm looking for:

  • Something that ties into the View From the Pew name. I'm still enough of a marketing geek to believe in branding.

  • Something that is memorable.

  • Something that is witty.

I plan podcasting weekly (not weakly, though you never know ...), and I want to entertain as well as inform. As soon as I get it finished, the link will show up here -- I'm going to be putting the feed addresses on the left sidebar with the RSS feed for this site.

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