May 25, 2007

A Meme For Me

I haven't been very bloggy lately, so I figured I'd break out of the slump with a little meme, borrowed from Rebecca.

Random 10 songs on my playlist, huh? First time I did it, it was all podcasts. So I set the playlist to only include non-podcasts. Here it is:

  • 'Aliens' by Luna Halo -- off a compilation CD I bought years and years ago. I think I've played this song once, maybe twice.

  • The Answer' by Live Fish -- this is a song that I might play on the podcast sometime.

  • 'Look in the Sky' by Glass Harp -- I got three CDs through Blogcritics a while back. VERY fun music.

  • 'Mountains' by Glass Harp -- see above ;-)

  • 'The Abby Song' by Three Cord Wonder -- the very first band I ever played on the podcast. They have a label now, but I can still play some of their new stuff. The best kept secret of the Colorado indie music scene, in my not-so-humble opinion.

  • 'Running' by Bree Noble -- a song I got from someone who wants to be on the podcast. She's got a great voice.

  • 'Pretty Fly For a Rabbi' by Weird Al Yankovic -- what can I say -- it's Weird Al!

  • 'Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord' from Rachmaninov's "Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom" -- another CD I got thanks to Blogcritics. Praise and worship music that will make you sick of modern praise and worship music.

  • 'hollanatwigsta' by poor rich folk -- another podcast favorite. Think I need to throw them into the rotation again soon -- very fun acoustic group.

  • 'Studying Politics' by Emery -- another freebie, this time from Tooth and Nail. Fun song from a great band.

Well, there's my ten, and my iPod isn't even working right now. Go make your own list, why don't ya?

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