November 03, 2004

A Question for Ohio Voters

HOW can we vote 62% to 38% to reject same-sex marriage, and affirm male-femal marriage, yet vote this closely for President? Don't you know what the guy you're voting for beleives in??

3,242,160 voted for the marriage ammendment.
2,010,876 voted against it.

2,794,346 people have voted for Bush.
2,658,125 people have voted for Kerry.

500,000 people think that their vote against gay marriage is consistant with voting for John Kerry -- who thinks that you need to keep your opinion about this to yourself, and has courted the gay lobby on this issue throughout the campaign.

I don't mind people voting their conscineces -- in fact, I firmly believe that is how we should vote. I WOULD like for people to be consistant with their voting. Maybe that's too much to ask.

And I KNOW I wasn't supposed to post on the election again. I'm sorry.

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