November 05, 2004

A Tale of Two Maps

Is this the America that YOU see?? Posted by Hello

This is the view that many people on the Left have since the election. Now look at this map (thanks to GetReligion -- stupid Hello won't post .gif files). That is a map of the actual election -- NOT by state, but by district. Soo ALL those red spots -- with little blue dots mingled in? THAT is what the nation looks like -- and those blue dots are carrying a LOT more clout than they deserve. They want to preserve democracy? That means rule by majority, folks -- and the red states (and districts) are the majority. Cope with it. Or cry in your beer. It really doesn't matter to me right now. But remember -- democracy works.

And yes, I know this is actually a representative democracy -- maybe a federal republic, as I've heard before. Point is -- the system has spoken. If you want to complain, get a time machine and whine to the founding fathers. Or get organized and try again in two years.

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