August 10, 2004

Back at Last!

I was afraid that after I complained at Adeplhia (in rather vehement terms and tones, I might add), that we'd be put at the bottom of the list. Nope. The high-speed is back, and I can blog again.

I owe everyone a Mark study entry, which I will do today. I've got a couple other things I want to talk about, but I may save them so I have something to say later in the week.

Friday we head to Louisville. I have some tests I'm taking, to try and get out of some of the Introduction To .... classes, so I can take some that I'm really interested in. Tuesday is Orientation for new students, and Wednesday starts classes. I'm praying that finding housing and a job will go smoothly -- I can't imagine that the job will be that tough, with the retail experience I have. And I'm 80% sure of where I'm going to live.

It's funny -- four years ago, when I resigned from Lowes, I swore I'd never work retail again. Since I started teaching three years ago, I've gotten quite used to having all summer, all major holidays, and even snow days, off. But now, I'm thankful that I've got the experience in retail, because it's going to help me get through school.

I've got some work to do -- I have some writing to finish up for my Baptist History class, and it's due to the GA by Sunday. I'll post more later on.

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