September 27, 2005

BFL Week 3

The streak continues. Unfortunately, it's a losing streak.

The Pewie Podcasters took firm control of the basement of the BFL by losing 63-45 to the Houston Fire Ants. Lackluster performances all around contributed to the Podcasters' defeat, and I plan on making some changes this week, in preparation for my game against Nick Queen's Roughnecks, who suffered defeat this week at the hands of The Highlanders.

In other action: extinguished the Rockets 85-72.
The Disgruntled Mimes didn't have to say a word as they beat the Crusaders 55-48.
Bill Wallo's Kung Fu Mamma's Boys continued their domination of the BFL by trouncing the NBB Twisters 105-53.
And Daniel's Boyz notched their first win of the season, beating Holtsberry's Hacks 68-59.

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September 22, 2005

BFL Week 2

Another week, another crushing loss. 56-33 at the hands of the Crusaders. Neither QB has done anything for me, so Warner got the boot. Trent Dilfer is the latest Pewie Podcaster acquisition, though this week he will be on the bench. I'm giving Plummer one more chance ...

In other action around the BFL:

The Highlanders extinguished the Houston Fire Ants 88-63
The Rockets flew past Nick's Roughnecks 73-65
The NBB Twisters caught the Disgruntled Mimes in a box, winning 65-36 clobbered Holtsberry's Hacks 82-46
And the Kung Fu Mamma's Boys whooped up on Daniel's Boyz 89-34, thus separating the Boys from the Boyz.

This weekend, I'm taking on the Houston Fire Ants. I've got some D-Con ready for you, boys!!

I'm putting in the URLs as I get them.

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September 12, 2005

BFL Week 1

Maybe that should be "weak one" -- as in, this was a weak game. The Pewie Podcasters fell to the NBB Twisters 62-35.

Dismal performance by my offense, so they're all being replaced. The entire "Recent Transactions" section on the front page of the league site is me, rebuilding my team.

Congrats to NBB Twisters on the win. Key performances by Priest Holmes and Larry Fitzgerald sealed the win.

Other games this week:

Nick's Roughnecks ran over 81-57.
The Rockets rocked the Houston Fire Ants 55-30.
The Highlanders outfought the Crusaders 59-32.
The Disgruntled Mimes walked into the wind and beat Daniel's Boyz 85-28.
And the Kung Fu Mamma's Boys laid the smack down on Holtsberry's Hacks 104-74.

If I knew everyone's blog URL, I'd include links. I know a few, but it doesn't seem fair to link to some and not everyone. Maybe next week.

This week, the Podcasters are attempting to redeem themselves as they face the Crusaders. THe early predictions have the Crusaders winning by 13 -- but what do they know, anyway?

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September 01, 2005

BFL Draft

Well, my draft stunk. Here's the roster that will take the Pewie Podcasters into ... something.

At quarterback: Jake Plummer and Kurt Warner.
At runningback: Chris Cooley, Mike Anderson, and Chris Brown.
At wide receiver: Javon Walker, Santana Moss, Marcus Robinson, David Patten
At kicker: Matt Stover, Josh Scobee
On defense: Philadelphia and Kansas City

Yeah -- that's what I thought, too. But this is the perfect team for my plan -- lull the opposition into a false sense of security. I see great things for this team!

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