June 22, 2004

Bible Study

People tend to get hung up on how to study the Bible. Authors have made tons of money writing on the subject. College courses have been taught on it. But it isn't that hard to do.

  • Step 1: Pray

  • Step 2: Read the Bible

  • Step 3: Think about what you've read. Ask questions.

  • Step 4: Pray again

  • Step 5: Repeat for each passage of Scripture you are studying

Obviously, you will have to do something a little more in-depth if you are teaching an adult Bible study, or if you're researching a sermon topic, or studying for a class. But for the kind of Bible study that 99.44% of Christians do, or want to do, or should be doing, those five simple steps will do it.

Resources? Other than a Bible (duh!), I'd go along with Jollyblogger, and recommend a Bible dictionary, maybe a commentary (somethng in one volume, probably). Check out e-Sword -- it's free, and has a ton of resources available for it.

The important thing about Bible study is to do it. But be careful -- God may work in your life in ways you don't expect. Five years ago, I was an insurance agent -- in two weeks, I start seminary.

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