January 17, 2005

Busy Week

Most blogs do a Week in Review every Friday or Saturday. I'm doing it the other way around. This is what the week looks like, and what my goals are. I'm hoping that by doing this, I'll have some direction to what I want to post, and I'll make sure I have something substantial every week.

This week I start classes back at Southern. Thursday evenings and Friday mornings will be taken up by classes, and I'll probably be spending Friday afternoons in the library working on papers and classwork. Don't know how much blogging time I'm going to have those two days, so I'm planning on doing more on Monday through Wednesday and on weekends.

I still have the Faith and Reason series I'm working on -- might have the next part of that this evening. TWiCH and the Mark Study will also be up this week. I'm also working on something history-related about the Ecumenical Councils, but I want to have all seven done before I start posting them. I'm going to take a look at the factors leading to the council being called (religious and political), the decisions, and the fallout from those decisions. Not sure if I'll be able to start those this week or next, but they're coming.

Also, be sure to cruise the new blog directory on the left side -- the Church Directory. There are a few repeats (and some that I've got listed three times!), but there are some great new blogs that you really should check out.

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