February 13, 2006

Daily Observations

A media storm surrounds the accidental shooting of a fellow hunter by "Deadeye" Dick Cheney. NOT because he shot someone by accident, but because they didn't issue an immediate press release. The MSM is just mad because they got scooped by the local paper.

St. James UCC felt the power of the Godblogosphere yesterday. The banner that I reported on (in the previous post) has been changed. It now features the name of the church and their phone number. I haven't received an email from their webmaster yet, but I know they got a lot of email about it yesterday, so I'm not expecting anything. I'd have loved to see the look on their face when they realized whose quote they were using to promote their church.

The Christian Carnival this week is at Pursuing Holiness. You need to enter. Send your submission to ChristianCarnival AT gmail DOT com. YOu need to include the following information:

  • The name of your blog and a link to your main site. (Adding the name with a hyperlink would be a nice courtesy to the host.)
  • The title of your post and the URL of the post. (Again, adding the title with a hyperlink would be helpful.)
  • If you want a trackback, include a trackback link. (Tracking back is optional. Some hosts may oblige you; others may not have the time or ability.)
  • Include a short (one or two sentence) description of the post. Your description may be edited by the host, but many hosts often use just what you give them. (So don't say anything you wouldn't want published.)

Deadline is midnight tomorrow, so get on it!!

One more observation about Cheney and the shooting. I'm really surprised that more hasn't been made of the fact that he was hunting Quayle. He's going to be a former VP too, and it seems he'd have more respect for ....

Oh. THAT kind of quail. Nevermind.

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