November 10, 2005

Debate or Discussion

So Drs. Mohler and Patterson aren't going to debate, they are going to discuss. Glad that was clarified.

I can remember when debate was what intellectual people did when they discussed. A debate is (according to

1 To consider something; deliberate.
2 To engage in argument by discussing opposing points.
3 To engage in a formal discussion or argument.
Ironically, the obsolete definition is given as "To fight or quarrel."

Unfortunately, we've missed the point of debate. Debate is about us vs. them, our side against their side. We go into debates not to learn, but to win. So now, when we want to emphasize our respect for "the opposition," we discuss.

Fine. I still think this discussion will be incredibly valuable for the SBC, as we try to establish exactly what things we are willing to separate over, and what things we aren't.

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