May 16, 2006


Light blogging lately (as if you didn't notice). This time of year is really hectic for anyone in education. Students are preparing for and taking exams, and getting ready to graduate. Teachers are writing exams, grading papers, and bracing themselves for the grading mayhem that follows. Substitute teachers are scouring the classifieds looking for their summer employment.

I'm a sub. SO you know what I've been doing.

I've got a bunch of stuff in my "Blogging fodder" folder, so hopefully I'll have some time -- possibly this Thursday, maybe this weekend. I've got a couple podcasts to produce, and some resumes to fax out.

While you're waiting for me, check out the newest gizmo from our good, non-evil friends at Google -- the Google Notebook. I think this is going to be getting a workout on the desktop AND the laptop.

Oh -- unfortunately, you have to be on a Windows or Linux machine, unfortunately. I figure a Mac version will be coming soon.

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Posted by: Josh Buice at June 22, 2006 12:22 PM (y2s/z)

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