July 28, 2006

Friday Morning Musings

I'm supposed to be headed to work.

All this week, I've been hard at work at my new job. I'm a vendor rep, working in the Hardware departments of three different Lowes stores in Columbus. I get there at 7, and I leave at about 3:30 or so. The length of my drive means that I'm dead tired when I get home, and that's why I haven't been blogging lately. I normally leave the house at about 5 am.

But this morning, the car won't start. At all.

So at about 8 or so, I get to call the towing company and have the car towed to the garage where it will be fixed. And since I'm up, I hit the Internet, looking for blog-worthy topics.

And I found a few:

  • Monopoly may be going cashless. I tend to agree with the 28-year-old at the end of the story -- I really want my kid to learn how to count money before we start with the debit cards. But it's a logical change in the game, and I think this will be a good seller. I mean, the Sponge Bob Square Pants edition sells pretty well, so why not Debit Card Monopoly?
    I remember a game we had when I was a kid called Bargain Hunters. The game board was a mall map, and there was an old-school credit card machine that you used when it was your turn. from the Red Letters Blog

  • I am preaching on Sunday at Worthington First Baptist Church -- assuming I can get there. The next Sunday I'm preaching at Fairlawn Baptist Church in Dunbar, WV. The following Sunday, Fairlawn will be voting on whether to call me as their pastor. Maybe I need to change the name of this blog ...
    Seriously, it's been amazing how God has worked the past three or four years. I'd never thought He'd call me into full-time ministry; I always thought of myself as the stand up and lecture to a classroom type of person, and had planned on doing that. It never ceases to amaze me how God can totally change the plans that we make, and yet never make us miserable in the process. The key is that we're willing to do whatever He calls us to do, and that we're willing to not do what He hasn't.

  • Brent is beating a dead horse over at Colossians Three Sixteen -- "What Makes Music 'Christian'?" Good question. Read what he has to say, and stay tuned because I may have something to say about it myself.

  • I'm also planning on writing something about the new Superman movie, even though I haven't seen it. It's less about the movie than it is about the role of the Christ-figure in literature (and art in general, really). Ryan DeBarr has a good post about this subject, which is one of the things that got me thinking about it.

  • Joseph Kennedy makes a great point about being inoculated to the Gospel -- a point I missed somehow when he wrote on it initially. People have been given a mild form of Christianity that has made them virtually immune to the real thing. I downloaded the sermon that he's talking about, but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. Now that I have time to do it today, I'll be able to comment more on it later on. For those who are interested, by the way, teh Resurgence Conference is available for free download in the podcast directory at the iTunes Music Store.

  • Dr. Russell Moore has an interesting quote from a nonbeliever about 'Jesus junk': "Buying the stuff gives Christians an easy conscience that they are carrying the Great Commission without ever having to verbally and relationally engage their unbelieving neighbors."
    Have we really gotten that lazy? Yes, and I've done it before myself. It's easier to wear a Jesus T-shirt than to actually talk to someone about Christ. If you talk to someone, they might talk back. They might have questions you can't answer. They might argue. And that would totally throw us off. So just put on the T-shirt, and you can salve your conscience.

  • That's all I've got right now. I've got sermon prep to finish up, and a couple podcasts to get ready to produce (that's Saturday's job).

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