March 11, 2006

From the "Did We Really Need This?" File ...

So I've seen the iPod jackets, with the headphones that pull out of the collar and the connection in the inner pocket. And I've seen the MP3 player sunglasses, and even those make sense.

But now I've seen everything.

New from LL International Dada Shoes: the MP3 sneaker.

The Code M System is a proprietary wireless technology application for footwear that delivers both audio and data. The initial application of the System is a shoe that delivers music to a wireless headset. The delivery system consists of two key components built into Dada shoes, offering easy access to music with no wires and no digital music device to carry.

The Code M system is integrated into the shoeÂ’s heel and tongue. Its memory gives the device the ability to hold up to 100 songs with a six-hour battery life. A USB port on the lateral side of the shoe allows downloading of music and re-charging of the battery. Another important element in the system is the wireless headset, which picks up music from the shoes as far away as 30 feet.

I'm just waiting to see the poor guy that tries to board a plane with these shoes.

Dada will sell Code M products primarily through the companyÂ’s normal retail outlets, but Willis also intends to market shoes through electronics retailers and catalogs where consumers are comfortable buying technology-based products. Suggested retail for DadaÂ’s basketball line employing the Code M system will be $199.99.

Now, there are some interesting things you can do with this Code M technology. I see kids trying to share iPod earbuds all the time: with this, they could each have a headset, and you could even set it up so that each MP3 player had a matching code for the headphones, and you could change the code on your headphones to match your friend's MP3 player and listen to what they were playing. And with a reported 30 foot range, I could send music from my MP3 player to the stereo when I wanted to share something with the rest of the family.

But shoes?? Do we really need that?

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1 Heck. Subtract the price of the shoes, add the cost of packaging the electronics in a neat little box, and let me stuff it into a pocket of my backpack.

Posted by: Scott McClare at March 12, 2006 04:53 PM (FwXW9)

2 See, that's what I was thinking. And the shoes don't look comfortable to me at all -- I sure wouldn't want to be playing basketball with those things on.

Posted by: Warren at March 12, 2006 04:56 PM (DPRNU)

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