February 22, 2005

Google Me!

I'm taking a look at the things people have typed into search engines to get here. I don't get as many bizarre ones as some people do, but some of these are interesting.

'difference in fundamentalists and evangelicals': #2 in Yahoo!, not even top 50 on Google.
'Al Mohler God gene': #1 in Google, not in the top 50 on Yahoo!
'Christians in public schools': #38 on Yahoo! (they must have ben looking at every link to get here!), not in the top 50 on Google. And I thought I'd said enough on that issue ...
'View from the Pew': I'm #1 on both. Wasn't always that way!
'open source theology': #3 on Google, #2 on Yahoo! I bet the guys over at Open Source Theology don't like what I had to say about it.

Think that's all the mindlessness for now. Currently in progress: the completion of the Faith and Reason series (promise!), the series on the Seven Ecumenical Councils, and something on "Baptist distinctives" -- the things that make a Baptist a Baptist and not a Presbyterian or something else. And it's NOT going to be a diatribe against anyone who isn't Baptist, either! I have too many friends (online and off) who aren't Baptists to go in that direction. Might even get a TWiCH up, and the Mark study!

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