June 20, 2005

Idiot Scammers

There is a PayPal scam circulating right now, and I just got an email from the scammers.

Probelm: The idiots didn't realize that my gmail address is NOT the one I use for PayPal. The warning came to the viewfromthepew Gmail address, because that's the one that is on the page near my PayPal button.

One thing I like about Gmail -- the links in the email that I got were disabled, and there was a warning because of the header information in the email. It didn't matter in my case, because I knew that the message was a scam, but it could save someone else who may not know about the scams.

So be alert for a PayPal scam, coming soon to an inbox near you. Maybe they got YOUR email right.

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1 Just yesterday I got a "security warning" or something to that effect from a major financial institution asking me to validate something or other. Coincidentally, it came from my bank. I say "coincidentally" because, to my knowledge, I've never given them my email address. These PayPal/eBay/bank scams are really rather transparent when you think them through, but obviously someone is being suckered by them, otherwise we wouldn't get three a day in our inboxes.

Posted by: Scott McClare at June 21, 2005 10:38 AM (sxYU+)

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