September 08, 2004

Mea Culpa 2

Parableman posted a great response to my blog about the rise of the Godbloggers. I'm a bit upset at myself, becasue about the only thing my post showed was that I don't read enough good Godbloggers -- and that I forgot about a few good ones that I DO read.

Thought about just deleting my post, but I figure I'll leave it up to remind myself to do better digging next time. I DO thing that Godblogging has potential to increase in both visibility and popularity, and I think there are a few really good Godblogs out there (Like Parableman, EO, Bene Diction, and others that I DID mention), and there are some smaller blogs that have some potential (click a few links on my blogroll to see some). Somewhere in there is this blog. This blog is kinda like a little dog -- lots of bark, not many people pay attention, and then WHAM!! -- it bites you on the leg.

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