October 19, 2005

No Thanks!!!

This one via Al Mohler. Today's Washington Post:

The federal government will help rebuild parochial schools, nursing homes and similar religious institutions but will not pay for reconstruction of churches or other houses of worship destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, administration officials said yesterday.
I call on every religious institution who was hurt by Katrina to refuse this "help." We're being reassured that any building used for "essentially religious activities" will not receive this help. I'm with Dr. Mohler when he says
Well, here's one Southern Baptist who sincerely hopes that every one of our buildings is used for "inherently religious activities." This looks like a genuinely bad idea. Government money means government entanglement. Who will decide what constitutes "inherently religious activities?"
NAMB has already rejected any federal reimbursement for the aid that the convention provided after Katrina. I hope that, as attractive as this offer is, we refuse it as well.

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