January 24, 2006

Quick Questions

Just a question or two for the more politically saavy:

Which is a bigger drain on American jobs -- illegal immigrants who are taking jobs that we really don't want to do anyway, or corporations who are taking jobs overseas by the hundreds legally?

What is middle class? Lou Dobbs says that the Ford layoffs are a blow to the middle class families in America. Union auto workers make $45 to $50 per hour -- that's between $90,000 and $100,000 per year. If that's middle class, then I'm living in abject poverty.

When did they end the earned income tax credit? Oh -- they didn't? Then why do I hear so much about tax breaks for the poor? They pay no taxes.

Just ranting here. I'll do some real blogging later on. I don't do politics very much (unless you count the SBC stuff I've been doing lately), so every so often I have to vent.

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1 Illegal immigrants now hold about 10 million jobs. Outsourcing seems to create losses, but they are short term and receive a lot of press. For more on the subject I recommend, Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat". He's a liberal but agrees with me on this subject

Posted by: JR @ RightFaith at January 24, 2006 08:23 PM (j2+mz)

2 The impact of illegal immigrants upon our economy is far reaching. This problem requires the attention of law enforcement at our borders and inside our nation. Illegal immigrants pack our publiic school system and demmand multi-lingual education, increasing operating cost through the need for larger schools, more teaching staff and one and on. Illegal immigrants place a burden upon our welfare system, providing benefits for which they are not elgible. Then illegal immigrants overload our medical facilities for which services that they will never pay. On the other side of the coin, domestic manufacturers are moving overseas out of self defense. The environmental and occupational safety and health regulations here in the U.S. make it impossible for them to survive here economically. President Bush was wise to refuse to sign the Koyoto Accord as it would have further aggrivated this economical disadvantage we have created. To stop the trend to moving overseas must be done by insisting on reviewing all present and future legislation to balance cost with effect upon our industries. Bryan Swinney

Posted by: Bryan Swinney at January 26, 2006 08:07 AM (unEZt)

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