June 27, 2006

Quote Of the Year

From Bowden McElroy at Interregnum:

"The only real power bloggers have is the power to make blissful ignorance more difficult to attain."

It's funny: there are bloggers who have tried to define this thing that is blogging, and have talked endlessly about the power of blogs -- have even written books about it! -- but in one sentance, 17 words, only two of which have more than three syllables, sums it all up. No matter how many people we have reading us, the only thing we can do is inform people. How they act on what they learn is up to them.

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1 Thanks for the link. I was having lunch with a non-SBC friend who was asking about Greensboro; he had been keeping up with things through my blog and others I link to and wanted to know what impact bloggers had on the meeting. That sentence just sorta popped out of my mouth. Glad you enjoyed it.

Posted by: Bowden McElroy at July 06, 2006 06:35 PM (buZQ2)

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