June 24, 2006

Scam Alert!!!

There's a new PayPal scam out there that is slick enough that it almost fooled me. The email you get is a confirmation that you just sent $109.99 to someone for books. The main part of the body is a graphic, probably a screen capture of an actual payment that someone made via PayPal. Then at the very bottom, highlighted in a yellow rectangle, is the "Dispute this transaction" link. You click that and it takes you to a page that LOOKS like PayPal, but isn't. And you give them your info and they steal your money.

VERY slick scam. Most PayPal scams show up in the email I use for this blog -- which is NOT associated with my PayPal account. So I can spot the scams pretty easilly. THIS one, though, had me going until I clicked the dispute link.

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1 Paypal purchase "Dispute link" Scam...Beware!

Posted by: Arnold at August 15, 2006 12:33 PM (ErpbA)

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