June 30, 2005

Something About That Name

You can pray all you want to before the city council meetings in Great Falls, SC. -- just don't mention Jesus.

"This sends a message that this behavior is unacceptable," said Darla Wynne, whose 2001 lawsuit started the legal battle. Wynne practices Wicca, a nature-based religion based on ancient Western European and pre-Christian beliefs.

She said her victory made her feel a sense of accomplishment for the "little guy." Wynne was opposed by some religious leaders and the state's attorney general during her legal fight.

The town's lawyer, Michael Hemlepp, said he will advise Great Falls officials to "obey the law."

I would advise the Christians who are called to pray to end their prayers something like this:
"And I pray this in the only name that is worthy, the only name of the only one who ever commanded His followers to pray in His name, but a name that has been banned because of the fear it creates in unbelievers, in that glorious name I pray, Amen."
The law is obeyed. Jesus isn't mentioned. But the point is made. I like making points like that.

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