August 24, 2004

The Best of Me Symphony is Up

I decided to try this one out -- after all, the Parableman said it was good, so how could it be otherwise!

There's some great stuff there, and I LOVE the Babylon 5 quote that is next to my entry. One day, maybe I'll write something about the spirituality of science fiction ....

This is also a great way to get some of your older stuff out there for people to read -- I'm pretty sure it has a different audience than the Christian Carnival, so a different group will hear what you have to say, too. Your entry has to be two months old, so take a look through the archives!!

If yer interested, email your submission to gcruse(at) with the subject being Best of Me Symphony. Give the following information:

Post Title
Post Permalink
Author's Name (or handle)
Weblog Name (if not obvious from the link)
Submitter's Name/Handle (if different from Author)
Description of post and/or why this post is being submitted (That is, what about this post makes you think it is one of the best from the weblog).

This might also be a way for me to make up for having missed a few Christian Carnivals (like I did this week ...).

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