August 27, 2008

The Chronicles of Andreius, the Paladin, Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Curse of the Wolf Moon

I missed the introduction to this one. Basically, the assignment is to go hunt some herbs that grow near a lake, past a big mountain. Sort of a Dora the Explorer adventure.

Collecting the herbs will require a long trek -- through the forest, across a mountain pass, and finally to Mirror Lake. Andreius best get started!

Andreius was following a trail through the woods when his foot was violently yanked out from under him. His body followed, and he was suddenly upside down, swaying back and forth from a tree branch. Then goblins with big sticks emerged from the woods. The goblins took turns trying to smash Andreius with sticks while cackling jokes to each other. Between his expert wiggling and his armor, Andreius didn't receive any real injuries. He reached out with his Rapier and impaled one of the goblins in the face. Their tone instantly changed and they scurried away from their dangerous prey. This gave Andreius plenty of time to free himself and follow their fresh tracks.

Andreius was growing quite hungry and decided to throw a balanced stick at a rabbit as he had been taught to do by his uncle. It was almost easier than Andreius had remembered. He beaned the first rabbit on the head in one shot. It was a most delicious rabbit, and he felt much better with some meat in his stomach.

Andreius crossed into the mountain pass, and his progress slowed. Andreius came to an old suspension bridge made of rope and boards. Unfortunately it had snapped and was laying flat against the far side of the gorge. Andreius took his grappling hook and fifty feet of rope out of his pack, and tried to hook the bridge and drag it up. Andreius's aim was true, and he hauled the bridge back into place. After securing it properly, he was able to cross with ease.

Andreius encountered a sad looking shepherd in the mountain pass who told him that he had lost his magic sheep. Not wishing to bother with such an obviously preposterous story, Andreius moved on. (oops)

Finally, Andreius arrived at Mirror Lake, where the herbs were known to grow. Andreius was surprised to see two snarling kua-toa with nets and tridents rise out of the lake! The creatures were somewhat clumsy on land, and Andreius defeated them easily. Still, Andreius had to wonder what else might come out of that lake . . .

A lizardfolk warrior charged up the beach as terrified fishermen fled in its wake! Andreius charged in to meet it, and a mighty battle ensued. At last, the beast lay defeated, and the fishermen rewarded Andreius well for his aid.

Andreius was enjoying the beautiful weather at the edge of the lake when a giant crab appeared! The beast's claws and shell were a whole lot stronger than Andreius's weapon and armor. It was crushing Andreius in its claws by the time he found a spot soft enough to get an attack through. Andreius impaled the crab repeatedly in that spot, eventually defeating it. Andreius dragged the beast inland and sold its meat to the local fisher's guild.

With a name like Singing Falls, Andreius expected a cute little waterfall, not the two-hundred-yard wide, thirty-yard-high monstrosity thundering down before him. The blessed wolfsbane was there, growing on a rock protruding from the water right in front of the center of the falls. There were a lot of sharp rocks in front of the falls, actually, making a swimming approach too dangerous. Andreius walked under the waterfall and got pounded by the water. It seemed the only reasonable path even though the rocks were wet and slippery and the water punishing. Andreius's athletic prowess was up to the task and he was able to retrieve the wolfsbane. He proudly returned with it and saved the village. They will forever know him as a hero, and of course, rewarded him greatly.

Some serious schwag in this one -- a morningstar, a potion of glibness, a battleaxe, and a bunch of money. This one may have been a better "chapter one" than chapter two, but hey ....

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