October 27, 2005

The New Do It Yourself Industry

Do it yourself .... sodas.

Soda Club is introducing their line of countertop brewing appliances to the United States. The press release, web site, and everything I've read about them says that they're pretty popular in Europe, and are expecting great things from their entry into the US market. I'm intrigued -- enough that I've gone totally off-topic here to mention it. The 1-liter bottles that you use with the machine are reusable, so you don't have the waste that you have with store-bought drinks. The mixes you use have 2/3 of the sugar, calories, and carbs that store-bought drinks do. And it's supposed to work out cheaper than store-bought (long-term, I'd suspect, with the starter kits running $129 and up).

And I'm getting a sample, thanks to Blogcritics. I'm looking forward to this -- it will definitely be cheaper if I don't have the expense of the machine to factor in. And you all will get a review, because I'm going to cross-post it here and at BC.

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1 Hmmm! I'm intrigued!

Posted by: songstress7 at November 05, 2005 01:31 PM (0zDjn)

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