October 20, 2005

The New Meme

So I'm a sucker for memes, sometimes. This comes from Rebecca Writes and The Crusty Curmudgeon.

Google "Your first nameneeds" and list the first ten hits. Underline the ones that are true.

1. Warren needs repair (actually talking about a road somewhere)
2. Warren needs new ... (some message board. The description doesn't tell me what I need!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!)
3. Warren needs to be first and best (from an article about Warren Beatty and Annette Benning).
4. Warren needs people with him all the time to help with his decisions and choices. (NOT)
5. Warren needs to focus on the younger group instead of the older group.
6. Warren needs to show up everywhere in his gay as black button downs with dragons and flames on them. (HUH??!!)
7. Warren needs to get the public involved in the same way Youngstown did. (Who is this Youngstown guy, anyway? lol)
8. Warren needs glass windows.
9. Warren needs a pharmacy.
10. Warren needs better “life sustaining” jobs

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