July 13, 2004

WHAT is wrong with these people??

This story via World Magazine's blog. Apparantly, a Swedish pastor is in BIG trouble, because his faith is offensive to some people. (You MAY have to scroll down a bit for the story)

This is the exact problem when government interferes with religion -- it puts people of faith in the position hof having to decide to offend their government or their God. Truely tolerant people, I've heard tell, are capable of defending their position rationally and logically. Therefore, they shouldn't need the government to come to their rescue under the pretense of an "incitement law".

The Gospel of Christ will offend those who refuse to believe it. We ARE an intolerant people -- but no more so than those who campaign against us, who think they're tolerant. (GetReligion has a great article on this topic, by the way).

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