September 23, 2004

Where is everyone Coming From?

I decided to wander through my Stat-tracker and see where all the hits are coming from. The list is surprising! {EDIT NOTE -- I'm including a few more -- maybe even a full list. I have more time, now}

Purdue University North Central
The USDA Office of Operations
Southern Seminary (oh, that was me!)
Virginia Tech
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Queensland, Australia
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Orleans, Ontario Canada
Sudbury, Ontario Canada
{good day, eh! Welcome all you folks from the Great White North, eh? Don't you HATE it when Yanks make fun of the accent?}
Garland, Texas
several California hits
One odd one -- I'm pretty sure I know who is getting here through Matt Hall's link on his blog, but the ISP says Georgia.
the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington DC

I've also had hits from servers (!), a few more colleges (including Liberty University), and a whole mess of foreign countries.

Thanks everyone for stopping by, and I hope y'all come back!!

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