December 12, 2005

I Love It When ...

... people agree with me. From no less august a source than The Evangelical Outpost:

I find that I just donÂ’t have the stomach for those old arguments anymore. IÂ’m still willing to discuss doctrinal differences. But now IÂ’m less sure that IÂ’m standing on the right side of scripture. Is the view heretical or likely to lead someone away from salvation? Then IÂ’ll fight it tooth-and-nail. If not, then IÂ’ll have to sit it out.
I'm probably still a bit more argumentative than Joe is, and I'll admit that I will slip and argue about trivia. I will always be more than willing to lend my opinion (wanted or not), and I will engage in healthy debate with my fellow Baptists about issues related to Baptist piety and polity. If I am challenged, I will respond in what I hope will be a civil and scholarly tone. But I won't be picking fights over millennial views. I won't go on a rampage against my Presbyterian friends over infant baptism. I reserve the right to think they are wrong, and they certainly have the right to be wrong (that was a JOKE, folks!!). And as I debate, I will try to learn from my "opponents," as I hope they will try to learn from me. Because that's the point of actual debate -- anything else becomes a fight.

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