June 25, 2005

Christian Carnival

The next Christian Carnival is going to be held at ChristWeb. If you want to be a part of it (and who doesn't?) email your entry to ChristianCarnival AT Gmail DOT com. You should include:

  • The name of your blog and a link to your main site. (Adding the name with a hyperlink would be a nice courtesy to the host.)
  • The title of your post and the URL of the post. (Again, adding the title with a hyperlink would be helpful.)
  • If you want a trackback, include a trackback link. (Tracking back is optional. Some hosts may oblige you, others may not have the time or ability.)
  • Include a short (one or two sentence) description of the post. Your description may be edited by the host, but is often used just as it is.

Matt Jones has done us all a great service in setting up a Christian Carnival Archives page. Head over there and take a look, and read some of the posts from days gone by.

My first carnival was #12. I plan on being in this one, and being more active in the future (I was in every one for a long time, then I got lazy). If you want people to read your stuff, you need to be a part of this carnival.

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June 01, 2005

I Have Returned!

...to the Christian Carnival, that is!

With the move, and some of the really bad posts I wrote back at the old place, I haven't been in the Christian Carnival. Then I had time issues because of school, papers, and procrastination, so I couldn't get anything sent in.

I'm back.

The Carnival is up -- go there and read. There's some great stuff there.

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