June 29, 2004

Moore and Moore

Michael Moore says he's not a member of the Democratic Party, that he's an Independant. He's almost correct.


According to this article, Moore is actually registered to vote in two states -- New York (where he is registered as a Democrat, but hasn't voted since 2001), and Michigan (where they don't ask for a party when you register). So he's NOT a Democrat there, but he's not registered as an Independant, either.

I guess technically, he's independant (small i). But, also technically, he's still a Democrat. So, again technically, he lied.

I really don't care if Moore wants to make movies like Farenheit 911. As an American, it's his right to say what he wants. I do kinda think Disney wimped out in not distributing it, but that's their right, too. I don't like it when he claims to be making documentaries, when in reality he's making propaganda pieces.

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