December 06, 2005

A Voice of Reason in this Season

I'm on a roll with Christmas posts today. This one also touches a bit on the whole politically-correct view of tolerance.

Story 1: A chaplain at Georgetown University in Washington DC threatened to resign if the school went through with plans to remove crucifixes from it's classrooms -- a move toward a policy of tolerance at the once Catholic school. No surprise there.

The chaplain is Muslim.

Story 2: From the Cincinnatti Enquirer interview with Karen Dabdoub, president of the Council on American-Islamic Relations:

Who are we fooling? The Jews donÂ’t put up a tree for Hanukah; the Muslims donÂ’t put up a tree for Ramadan. It doesnÂ’t take away from my celebration of my holiday for other people to celebrate their holiday. I donÂ’t want anybodyÂ’s holidays to be watered-down. I think theyÂ’re all wonderful.

Now that's tolerance. I don't have any serious awards that I give out, or Ms Dabdoub would get one. BIG thanks to GetReligion for this one.

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