April 29, 2007

In Memorium: Dr. Lee Roberson

The Chattanoogan has the full story. For those who don't know him, Dr. Roberson was a giant among fundamentalism. He founded Tennessee Temple University, and was a guiding force to many preachers in fundamental circles.

He started off Southern Baptist, but ran afoul of denominational politics leading up to the conservative resurgence. His church refused to participate in the Cooperative Program because of liberal professors and influence in the state Baptist colleges, and they were expelled from their local association. Roberson was one of the first fundamentalists to leave the SBC because of theological liberalism.

I had the opportunity to hear him speak when I was in high school, and still count it a privilege. His influence in conservative Christian circles will be missed, as will his leadership and pastor's heart.

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1 Dr. Lee Roberson was my pastor from the time I was born until I was about 10 years old. My dad worked with Mr. J.M. Parker when he started the bus ministry at Highland Park. Then we started going to various chapels depending on where we were living around the city. Our family was very poor. My parents were uneducated but they loved the Lord and were in church every service. They went to revival meetings or other services at other churches when they heard of one near enough to get there. When I was ready to graduate from high school, I wanted so much to go to college but I had no idea how to get there. My Bible teacher, Mrs. Roy Hazlet, contacted Dr. Roberson and he gave me a scholarship to Temple. Later, I found out that Dr. Roberson knew my mom & dad and recognized me as their daughter. He baptized me as a little girl of 8. He cared for all people no matter who they were, rich or poor.

Posted by: Donnie Doyle (Warren) at May 03, 2007 03:32 PM (/E/RC)

2 Dr. Lee Roberson was my pastor for the year that I attended Tennessee Temple University. In that brief time under his influence Dr. Roberson taught me a great deal about life and leaving home for the first time. Among the most memorable reflections that I've had today while attending the memorial service this afternoon was the hour and a half that I spent driving with him to my home church of Shiloh Hills in Kennesaw Georgia. We left early on that Sunday morning and of course we were not a minute late. Dr. Roberson could drive FAST! But I stayed in awe being with him that morning. He helped me get home for several day because of my mothers illness. I will always remember him for his care and concern for others. Oh How Sweet Heaven has been these last few days, I look forward to seeing two very special people when I get to Heaven, Jesus Christ my Saviour and Dr. Lee Roberson. May God continue to Bless the Ministries of Highland Park Baptist Church and Tennessee Temple University.

Posted by: Ray Stewart at May 03, 2007 07:31 PM (LPoIu)

3 Like others who have posted, Dr. Roberson was my first pastor, and the greatest human man I have ever known. I came to know and accept Christ under his ministry. I want to thank the Lord for giving us Dr. Lee Roberson and allowing him to be my pastor.

Posted by: Mike Mahathy at May 03, 2007 11:36 PM (+kEfZ)

4 May 14, 2007 It was a great sense of sorrow when I learned of the passing of Dr. Lee Roberson. I was able to attend Temple College for one year, but was unable to continue due to serious illness. But my memories of Dr. Roberson will last a lifetime. I was a Piano Student of Mrs. J. R. Faulkner and played in the Training Union Forum and Services at Highland Park for special Music. My most favorite memory is playing for Dr. Charles Weigle to sing on Easter Sunday Morning in Dr. Roberson's Friendship Class. Dr. Weigle sang his song " A Miracle of Love " stating this was his life story in song. Two of Dr. Roberson's most memorable sermons for me were " The Flat Failure of Mr. Big " ( based on the life of Peter ) and " I Shook Hands with a Dead Woman ". I pray God's sustaining hand of comfort and strength will be with the Roberson Family.

Posted by: Laurance Manous at May 14, 2007 07:37 PM (kWlVN)

5 Will always remember Dr. Roberson as a caring man of God. As we were leaving Highland Park Sunday afternoon, he stopped to greet us. Reaching into his pocket, he stooped down to eyelevel of our three boys, handing each a new shinny bi-centinual coin. I can't recall his words, but I recall the event perfectly. He utter some words, tossled their hair, and was off greeting others. At our weekly bus workers meetings, he was all business, but we never disputed his concern for that ministry - it was evident his concern and urgency for reaching lost souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Posted by: Charles at May 30, 2007 10:21 AM (FsbnY)

6 I was saved and surrendered the call to preach at age 16. I attended TTU in 1969-1970, but was forced to transfer for financial reasons. Dr. Roberson is the ONLY man to ever autograh my Bible, and that will never change. Today, I am living in a backslidden condition and will probably die that way since all my "fundamentalists" friends have dissacoiated with me for fear or contamination by association. Regardless, Dr. Lee Roberson is the most compassioinate, forgiving, and loving preacher I have ever known. I know today he would not condone my sin, but would weep over my sins, and love me unconditionally. Much grace left this world when he died. If there is prayer in the afterlife, please, Dr. Roberson, pray for me. I feel so abandonded. I love you so much.

Posted by: Ed at May 01, 2008 08:34 PM (Yy3y8)

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