October 04, 2007

The Third Party Movement

I've never been a real fan of any of the viable third-party options that exist today. I'm not saying that I don't like third parties -- I think that we need one, now that the GOP and the Dems are starting to look a LOT alike, especially fiscally. But the Libertarians don't appeal to me (I'm too much of a social conservative), and the Constitution Party is too isolationistic for me (I've talked about them before). There's always the Lighthouse Party (who I've mentioned before as well), but they don't even have a platform yet, so I don't see them getting anything ready for 2008.

But I find myself in the same boat as James Dobson. If the GOP nominates a pro-choice candidate, I can't support them. I'm not a single-issue voter (I have other concerns with Giuliani), but the abortion issue is important to me, on some very personal levels. And I don't see a Democratic candidate that I could come close to supporting. So I have an interesting problem.

So I'm watching the campaign with an interest I've not had in a long time. And I'm hoping that I don't have to go third party, because I really do think that the departure of even a small majority of conservative evangelicals will ensue that the GOP loses the 2008 election.

But maybe that's what needs to happen. More and more, evangelicals are being treated like the red-headed stepchildren of the Republican Party. They kiss up to us every election year, and court us hardcore every four years, but all it is is lip service. And I'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. If a loss gets the attention of the RNC, then maybe that's what the country needs, long term.

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1 Warren, Understandable sentiments. The last time we had a third party movement it gave us Bill Clinton which then created Hillary Clinton, all for the ego of Ross Perot and the wasting of 18% of mostly conservative American voters. As much as I do share your political philosophy, when faced with a choice of good or bad, that's easy, when faced with the choice of bad or bad, that's easy too. The only President I have ever voted for, was Ronald Reagan. Every other time was against the other candidate. Like you, nobody in the Republican party excites me at all; everybody in the Democratic party does, reason enough to vote Republican yet again as a vote driven out of stark terror at the thought of Hillary Clinton appointing Barbara Streisand or someone to the left of even her to the Supreme Court. Other than that I'm with you. Jerry Grace

Posted by: Jerry Grace at October 04, 2007 03:13 PM (V5UNw)

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